Service Times & Directions

Ashland Methodist Church (AMC)                                                            
1442 Adams Street, Ashland, NE 68003                                                        
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am - 12pm                                            

Pastor Jeff Thurman - 402-440-1110
Brenda Farber, Secretary - (402)309-6789 
Office phone: 402-944-7135

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AMC Service Times:

Fellowship 10am
Worship Service - Sundays 10:30am
Entire Service on Facebook Live at 10:30am  (10:30am Facebook Live time)

Sunday School Classes:
Adult Sunday School 9:15am   This is an adult Sunday School type class.  It has folks that are in their 50s-90s. 
They do a booklet type bible study. They take turns leading the study. They would love to have you join them.

Middles 9:30am-10am  "Middles" is a youth group type class. We have both middle school and high
school students in this class.  We sometime serve or prepare breakfast. We do a morning devotional.
We also discuss concerns, anxieties, troubles or anything that the kids want to talk about.
We close with a time of prayer.

Pastor Jeff is also the Pastor of Cedar Hill  Methodist Church. From time to time,
the 2 churches will work together on an event. Each congregation supports the other. 
We are all brothers and sisters of Christ. We encourage you to attend whichever service works out better for you.

Cedar Hill  Methodist Church
23001 North 162nd Street
Greenwood, NE 68003 (It is out in the country, not in town)

Sunday Worship Service is at 9am.